Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun With Grammie!

My mom visited with us over Mother's Day week. We had a fun time and did lots of fun things! The week went by too quick!

A couple pictures she took of Madison.......

We went to Kings Island. Madison is tall enough to ride most of the kiddy rides now. She loved it and had a ton of fun!

My mom rode Diamondback TWICE with JR. I went on it once (it was my 2nd time on it). It is the biggest and fastest roller coaster in the park. I was super surprised my mom rode it because he was screaming and scared on a kiddy coaster we went on, lol.

Madison LOVED these bug rides. I think it was her favorite! I think she rode on them twice.

Gymnastics Time!

Pony Rides!

Farm Animals!

JR and Madison made us a lovely Mother's Day breakfast! It was yummy!!

Zoo Time! My mom and I got in free for Mother's Day. We didn't even know they had that special, it was a nice surprise!


Ohio Caverns

Bat #1

This one looks like bacon!

Bat #2
Bat #3

Presents from Grammie.

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice...Looks like you folks had a lovely visit with Grammie Linda<3 xoxox Cant wait to see you and the baby girl in July!