Thursday, May 5, 2011

Madison's First Haircut at a Beauty Salon and Gymnastic Photoshoot

Last weekend we took Madison to get her first real haircut! She loved it and did great. I have trimmed it a few times, but it is getting too long and I don't want to make it look funny, so we had it done professionally, lol.

We have been saving money by JR cutting his own hair. He has been doing for about 2 years now and he does a great job. I tried to do it for him a couple of times at the beginning, but he does a much better job, lol. I think he can do it with his eyes closed now.

You can check out how I used to DYI Madison's hair when she was a baby HERE.

Here are a couple before picture. We didn't have much cut, just a trim and some added layers.



Then we had a little gymnastics photoshoot to go to at the gym.

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Corin said...

I love her new haircut! She's getting sooo big. OUR babies are getting so big :0(