Friday, May 13, 2011

Women Living Well Blog

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this wonderful blog written by Courtney called Women Living Well. After browsing it for a few minutes I added Courtney's blog to my blog list. I enjoy reading her posts and I am excited about her summer bible reading schedule for moms.

The book is called The Ministry of Motherhood. I bought mine on amazon, but I am sure your local library might have one too.

You can print out the summer reading Plan HERE.

You can still join the Summer reading plan without the book. All you need is your bible. Even if you aren't a mom, I am still sure you can join too!! Last Fall they did a study of James. I am going to have to go back and do that one sometime!

Courtney has a link on her blog called Good Morning Girls. This will be my first bible study with her and I am not sure how the message board works yet. I know you can sign in and check in and chat about the readings.

Here is the link for some materials you can download for your study. Print them along with the summer reading plan above. Check it out and print them HERE.

You can learn more about the book club HERE.

Does anyone want to join me? I just printed off my materials. Hopefully you will too!! It looks like you will print off the S.O.A.P Print-Out weekly. I might just use the first one as a guide instead of keep printing them.

Have a great weekend!!

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