Saturday, July 9, 2011

2011 Freedom's Call Tattoo

This year the band Lonestar preformed. It was Madison's first concert :O) This was part of the twin towers.
So many people!!!
This was the same day we had JR's sports day picnic at work. Madison still has her fishy!
This was Madison's first attempt at using my camera to take a picture of me and JR.
2nd try........nope.
We did our own self portrait. This was probably the best of about 8 pictures, lol.
JR's last weekend of braces!

This flag was at ground zero and has been fixed and repaired a few times.

Madison loves planes!

She said it was a BIG plane!

Then my camera battery died! :O)

There was also had fireworks at the end of the evening and she loved those too!


Nikkie Mac said...

Looks like y'all had fun!! I love the two pictures of you and madison!

Josh, Dana, Zach & Molly said...

We really enjoyed the Tattoo every year we were there! It looks like this year was just as great as always! I love that they have it right before the 4th to get the whole area in the spirit of the 4th!

Wanna Be Balanced Mom said...

What a great photographer Madison is :) So cute.
Looks like a you had a great time!