Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Madison Hearts Ginger

Madison LOVES her kitty!! She also told me the other day she loves Jack and Rock. Specifically Jackson. I think it is because he is a tad more tolerable of her and she can pick him up. It breaks my heart we have to give the pups a new home.

We did find a wonderful new home! They are actually being adopted by their Grandma GiGi. JR's mom will be their new Mommy. We are so happy they are going to a great loving family and the best part is we can still see them when we visit family in Maine. It will be nice to get updates and see pictures of them. I am OK with not being able to keep them since they have nipped Madison multiple times. I would feel awful if she ever had to go to the emergency room. Plus, I think she is at an OK age where she will not be too upset. Unfortunately, I don't think she will even remember that we had dogs when she was a baby when she gets older.

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Lys said...

Wow that is a HUGE cat! Glad Madison is enjoying a new pet. :)