Friday, September 9, 2011

Pillow Talk

I just bought this pillow- It is on sale online at Pottery Barn for $12.99. Shipping is free!! (Click on the word Pottery Barn if you want to get your own! If you like it and the link doesn't work for some reason- look up Carmello Parrot Outdoor Pillow on the PB website).

I am not really a floral pattern person, but for some reason I really liked it. The colors are so pretty. I love using outdoor pillows on the couch. They are so easy to clean with kids.

I also LOVE these Faux-Sheepskin Pillow Covers from Pottery Barn. I just bought another because JR and I always fight over who gets it while we watch TV. It is super soft and they wash great. They are free shipping too!! $19.00

I am really loving blue and yellow together right now. I picked up this yellow pillow cover at West Elm outlet a few weeks ago. I love buying pillow covers to switch out my pillows. They are super easy to take off and throw in the wash too.

Some of my other favorite pillows are these from Target.

I have 2 on our bed and I just bought one for the couch.

If you don't have any old pillows to cover and want to get some inserts......... Check out Hobby Lobby. I have bought 2 using my 40% of coupons. Also Ikea has great pillow inserts too!!!!

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