Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Look For Less- Actopus To Zelephant Alphabet Cards

This is selling for $99.00 HERE. It is framed, but you can do it yourself for much cheaper.

Do you remember this post I did a couple years ago? I told you about my K&Company alphabet letters I got for $14 (Shipping cost just as much as the pack of cards). I checked all my local stores craft sections and they didn't sell them, so I had to order online.

It looks like they went on clearance at the store link I posted, but you can do a search for Actopus To Zelephant Alphabet Cards and several store pop up. Amazon is selling them now for less than $10. Click HERE to get yours!

I had those hanging with double sided scrapbook tape square and they fell down after a while. So I had them laminated to use as a learning toy. They have some neat facts on the fact of them and they are so cute. I might have to buy another pack and frame them. I love them for a kid room or playroom.

Just wait until Micheal's or your local craft store has frames on sale for 50% off! You can even make a nice wooden frame and use some plexiglass for the front.

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Corin said...

Those are so cute! I might pick some up. And look at Madison! She was such a little bub.