Friday, October 7, 2011

Missoni- Target

Have you seen the Missoni line for Target?

I am blown away with what has happened to this Missoni line. You probably haven't seen it much unless you happened to go on the first day they released it. The line was wiped out and the shelves were sparse by 9 am. It was suppose to be in stores through Mid October, but it was sold out pretty much everywhere the first day it hit Target. I went in the next day and my Target was pretty much empty. They are getting things in here and there, but I have given up hoping to find the blanket I wanted.

Turns out, people cleared the shelves and are now selling the items on Ebay for much more than they paid for it.

I would of LOVED to get one of these beautiful blankets in any color. But, the only place you can find it is on ebay and it is selling for $125 - $225. So bummed!!! :(

Target is selling it for $39.99

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