Monday, December 19, 2011

My First Craft Fair- Say Hello to Krafty Kelly

Last weekend I bought a booth on base for the craft fair. It was my first one I have ever done and it was fun. But, I am sure glad I am done making diaper cakes and clips for a while (it was a lot of work and a couple nights I was up until 2 am crafting away). The booth was only $5 to rent, so I said why not. I also have been wanting to open up an Etsy shop, so it was the perfect opportunity to get things started. I still need to add my products to my shop, but I have business cards and opened up the shop! :O)

JR has been super busy with school, since I am not great on the computer I need him to help me set up the listings. This week he will have a break, so as soon as we list the items I will be sure to post

Since Krafty Kelly's Krafts was already taken...... I picked Krafty Kelly's Designs.


Lee Anne said...

Congratulations Kelly! Good job!

Amanda said...

Those bows are so snazzy! I always used to think when I saw bows, "Oh, why would I pay for those things! I could make them myself!" And then I tried to make my own last week. Omg, but was I ever wrong. They are NOT easy to make. I'm in awe :)