Monday, December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving- 2011

Last month we took a road trip to visit JR's sister Nikkie, our niece Maria, and nephew Conner (our BIL is over seas until March). It was so nice to see them and Nikkie (who doesn't eat meat) made us a wonderful Turkey meal!

We also enjoyed a girls day to go see Breaking Dawn. It was really good! We need to time our visit next year to see Part 2 of breaking Dawn :O)

Madison (mostly me) and Maria made Turkeys.

My attempt at getting a family photo before Thanksgiving dinner.

We also had a merry little Christmas while there.

Late night Shopping at Walmart at 10pm on Thanksgiving. Yay for $1.96 dvd's!

Thanks again for having us!! It was so nice to see you all!!

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