Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Madison's First Day of School

Madison started Pre School last week! *sniff sniff*

January 9th was her first day of school. She loves it and I am getting used to having a couple hours a few days a week child free! We started looking at schools last spring/ summer, but Madison wasn't 100% potty trained by the time school started.

Even though I am sad to see her go, it actually is nice to be able to run and do errands, appts, gym time, and go grocery shopping without a toddler. Grocery shopping is soooo much quicker and more enjoyable when I can just go in with my list and grab what I need. It is nice not to be yelling behind me..... "Madison keep up" or "don't touch" or worrying about making a potty run when you are in the middle of getting groceries. I think I will actually like grocery shopping again!

I was actually going back and forth with the idea of home schooling. Who knows what the future holds, but for Pre K she is enjoying her learning and playtime at school.

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