Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Skiing Adventure

Last weekend we went skiing with friends! It was the first time JR and I both have ever gone! I took a few falls, but it defiantly was a fun time! We had great teachers too!! Thanks to our friends Jennifer and Dustin for letting us tag along! :O) Also, we are very thankful for our wonderful friends Shersti, Matt, Connor, and baby Briella for entertaining Madison for the day!! We owe you!! :O)

Some things I have learned are....

I am very grateful for snow goggles. They were a must have. They defiantly keep you warmer and being able to see where you are going is a big plus while skiing.

JR is crazy and has no fear. The first time we went down the hill, he zoomed past me and was flying down the mountain. I later found out he couldn't stop and thought he was going to die. But, he defiantly looked like he knew what he was doing. Hahaha!

Ski lifts are very intimidating! The first time I fell getting off! ha!! I also fell on those belts that take you up the mountain. The lifts that you grab onto and they pull you up are no joke either. My arms hurt for about 2 days after between those and the ski poles, lol.

It was an awesome workout! I think I worked muscles I didn't even know I had! lol!

It was a fun day!!

My friend Jennifer and I

Our friends Dustin and Jennifer

Here is a video of Dustin on the one of the big slopes. He did a great job!

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