Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Target Deals!

I heart Target so much! It is my favorite store. When we first found out we were moving to this area back in 2007 it was the first thing I googled. I could walk to Target if I needed to. It basically is in my back yard. I am sure this is the closest I will ever live to a Target. As soon as we find out where we are moving to next year, you bet I will be googling Target store locations :P

I have always wanted a pair of Converse sneakers. Black and white would be my first choice, but I will take white for $10! I am not going to wear then until next spring/ summer, but Madison got a pair she has been wearing pretty much every day. I went back a few days later and bought her the next size up because she loves them so much. She calls them her school shoes :O)

Yay for good deals!!

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