Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have to confess I have not started cleaning my junk drawer yet. It will only take me like 10 minutes because it is super small, but I have been super busy this week! Sorry if there is anyone out there that actually was doing this challenge with me and did clean and organize there drawer! Nobody commented here or on face book, so I think it is safe to say I am just doing it for the fun of it.... alone.

I will get my drawer organized this week and post......hopefully! :O)

We have been super busy and all three of us have been sick this past week. I was sick tad sick still on my Birthday yesterday :( I am now the big 3-0! Yikes!! I am not sure how I feel about this, but I am hoping this year will be even better than the last. I am sure it will! We did still have a fun day on my bday! The YMCA was having a parents night out and we took advantage of it! Madison had so much fun at the last one I felt comfortable doing it again. You bet there will be a third time and future dates after that! Maybe next time even try and do a double date with friends! We never get to do that!

We did a dinner and movie date! JR REALLY wanted to see The Vow, but I talking him into seeing The Grey! It was good! (I am kidding about The Vow, hahaha. It looks good too, but we BOTH wanted to see The Grey). :O)

Today was a very productive day! JR even helped me do some cleaning! He is a wonderful husband. He always helps me with dishes, cleaning, folding laundry, pretty much anything and everything he will do. I don't even have to ask.... ever! I am one lucky gal. He is defiantly a keeper! I am so glad I asked him to prom 12 years ago! Today we scrubbed tile grout, scrubbed the floors, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, and I washed down the walls in the entry way and laundry room. I love spring cleaning. I am going to wipe down kitchen walls, outside of the cabinets and finish up organizing the cabinets. I love to clean.... it makes me so happy to have a clean house. I feel like it never stays that way, but for the 10 minutes it is clean it is really nice!

And.... For anyone that might be interested in baby news (if not just skip this). No I am not pregnant this month. But hopefully next month. We will see..... I am not getting my hopes up, but since we had been trying for over a year. I think it is 18 months this month? I have stopped counting. I did find a sweet deal on amazon for ovulation test/ pregnancy test. You get 40 ovulation tests and 10 preggo tests for about $10. I usually got pregnancy tests at the dollar store, but I stopped that months ago. But, I needed more ovulation tests. So I saved $40. If anyone wants the name of the company let me know... I can't think of it. You can just do a search on amazon and it should pop up, but if not- let me know and I will dig it up for you!

Our base has a great fertility Dr. I LOVE her!! I think she is just a bit older than me and I could see us being BFF's if we actually hung out outside the hospital. She is so down to earth and makes you feel like you are her only patient. We had a little make up chat last week. haha! I loved her eye shadow and she said, "hold on I will grab them to show you". She is an amazing dr and defiantly knows her stuff! I feel 100% comfortable with her. We are so lucky to be at this base. I think she said she is only 1 of 4 fertility drs in the military. If we aren't successful with getting pregnant with her help, we will look at adoption when we move. I don't care if I birth our second child. I just want Madison to have a sibling.

So she did all our blood work and normal tests. After more tests including to see if I have any blockages (I have endometriosis)and I have only one ovary, 1 fallopian tube. She recommended clomid the first month to see if my egg follicles went up. But we didnt try last month for a baby. She was just seeing how my eggs responded. I have to be monitored carefully because I also have half a uterus and she doesn't want me having twins. So this month she recommended Famera and also an injection called Ovidrel to cause ovulation to do an IUI. Tomorrow I am having my first IUI. That is a test where the dr will place a number of washed sperm directly into the uterus. The goal of IUI is to increase the number of sperm that reach the fallopian tubes and subsequently increase the chance of fertilization.

Besides hot flashes and a couple head aches I didn't really have any other symptoms from the fertility meds. I guess some woman have some pretty bad stories about clomid especially. Femara is actually a breast cancer drug that they have found out that actually helps with fertility too.

I am not expecting to get pregnant this month. There is only a 20% chance this will help. I am positive if it is Gods will I will be pregnant within the next few months.

I hope everyone has a great week!! It is my Birthday Month- so I am expecting this month to be a good one! :O)


Stephanie said...

Kelly, my husband and I are trying to conceive as well - this will be our fist. I can't imagine having to try for 18 months. I will keep you in thought and prayer. And I tagged you in a post, check it out!

Shelby and Johnny Family said...

Hi Kelly! It's been forever since I've gotten a chance to check your blog (or update mine for that matter!) But I just wanted to tell you that you are in our thoughts. You are right-you are very lucky to be at that base for fertility treatments. I had friends who had tried for a very long time who had success through the base doctors (after they had just adopted a sweet baby boy). I know it can be frustrating, but it's good to know you're in good hands! Best wishes and hope you guys are having a great weekend!! You're in our prayers.