Saturday, March 3, 2012


I was a very bad blogger last month! Here is a catch up post what was going on in February!
A couple of projects Madison made at school.
(I will post the recipe above this post) This was so yummy! Copy Cat recipe of PF  Chang's  Chicken Lettuce Wraps. 
Yummy cupcakes JR bought Madison and I for my Birthday/ Valentines Day. We had a little cupcake photo shoot. These are so big- I can only eat 1/2 of one! Theres actually too much icing, but they are yummy!
Celebrated my 30th Birthday! Finally got my kitchen aid mixer from my husband! :O) I have been wanting one for like 10 years!! We got an awesome deal between a rebate and Khols cash! I guess amazon had a good deal this week too!
Ouch!! This was not fun!! I was out of commission for about 1 week. I had a cyst removed and boy oh boy did I miss my thumb! You dont realize how much you use it! JR had to blow dry my hair, lol!! 
I am taking a stained glass class. I have taken 2 classes already. It is fun. Not at all what I thought though. I was thinking we'd be painting glass, but you actually cut glass! I am hoping I don't wind up with another figure injury!! haha! 

Hobby Lobby sells glass. The lady let me and Madison use our 40% off coupons  :O) 
Homemade Snicker Bars. Double yumm!! I will pot this recipe too!! 
Cookies I made for Madison's Valentine Day Party at School.
I made Homemade Brown Sugar Hand Scrub for my friend Cythia's Baby shower last week.  I will post this recipe soon too! 
Her baby boy #2 is due very soon!!!! 

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