Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Festivities

Holy Moly where did March go!? April is going by pretty quick too! JR has been super duper   busy with school and is using the computer for school work, so I am not on here to blog much! :O) So I thought I'd hop on while I had a free moment to catch up the blog a bit.

Last weekend we went to KY and enjoyed Thunder Over Louisville. It was fun, but I got food poisoning on Saturday at some point. So Saturday evening wasn't fun and we came home earlier than planned on Sunday. Then I thought I was getting the flu, but I just have really bad allergies!

Here are some pictures from our Easter activities that I am just now getting around to posting!

Madison and her buddy Connor decorating Easter eggs!

 I made some too!!! :O)

 Connor and Madison feeding baby Briella (Connor's sister)

Madison and Ella visit the Easter Bunny!

Madison and I at the AFIT Easter egg Hunt. 
(Thanks Robin! I am glad you had your camera! ) :O)

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Booth Family said...

Those are so cute!! Madison will be a good big sister. It was fun watching them feed Briella - Connor's pretty bossy and a chatterbox (in the first video). :) Thanks for posting them!!