Thursday, May 24, 2012

Third Times The Charm? Adventures in Baby Making

This is a very random post and more for me to remember what is going on, so feel free to skip this if fertility stuff doesn't interest you:)

 On Tuesday I will have my 3rd iui. I cant remember where I left off.....

 January was my first one. I was on femara to help with ovulation. The iui was not as bad as I thought. It was basically very similar to a pap. Femara gave me really bad hot flashes- I think that was my only side effect.

February was a no go. The Dr had a funeral to go to and was out of town the week that would of worked. 

March was also a no go. The Dr was tdy (temporary duty for work at another location).

 April- I had my second iui. This time we did injections. I am so glad JR can give me the needles because I sure can't. We are also very very lucky that the base offers this for free, because fertility drugs aren't cheap. In April I used femara, follistem, and ovidrel. This would be thousands if we paid out of pocket.

May- This month will be iui number 3. I am also doing a stronger treatment with just injectables. Follistem is NOT my friend. I am so bloaty I feel like I am 5 months preggo! Yikes! I think I have gained 5-6 lbs :( This really upsets me becuase i have been working so darn hard to lose weight. Plus I am super emotional and cranky.....Poor JR!

 I had to go in today to see how my levels are and have more blood work. Then this afternoon my Dr said Tuesday is the iui day. I actually had to make a second trip to the hospital to get my ovidrel needle to trigger ovulation for Monday. (They are closed tomorrow and Monday) I kinda wished I could of picked it up earlier when I was there, but the blood work took a while and I think she thought I was going to go in Tuesday for an appt and then do the iui Wednesday. So we will see! Time is slowing running out to get pregnant and have a baby here in Ohio. I will be happy to just get pregnant before we move next year.

Last week was fun. When I had my blood work (they have you go in and do a pregnancy test to confirm you aren't pregnant before you can start any more treatments/ take drugs). The parking lot was super full and I saw a lady pull out and then I saw it was an expectant moms spot, so I kept going. Then I had to get 3 needles before the guy got my blood (bad veins- not his fault). Then when I picked up my meds I realized they need to be refrigerated. So I actually got a disposable ice pack from the lab to keep them cold (I figured they have those). The man was super nice and gave me 2 ice packs. I actually had to go back again today for more blood work and I brought the lab in treats to eat. They are all so nice and I am a "pita" pt. Pain the the a@$.(really bad veins and they know me by name) There are a few people there that can get me on the first try, but have 2 or 3 needles is not uncommon. I have had many black and blues and sore arms. But, anyways I had errands to do and was so thankful for the ice packs. I had to stop by the wood shop on base and wasn't going right home (Madison was in school). I have been trying to make pens ( I bought some kits to fiddle around with) and i want to make a wooden box for Madison. The guy that does the classes needed to be there to help during do it yourself hrs. So after like 3-4 weeks I finally was able to get in there to get started. I was about to cut something and this little old guy that I have never seen before came up to me and said "miss are you going to working in here today" ? I said, "yes" and then he was like "no your not". I was wearing capri's and apparently you have to wear long pants. (my own fault, I know). But, then I got really hot and grabbed my stuff and left. As soon as I hit the door I couldn't stop crying. (I told you..... Super emotional!) I had no idea why I was crying. I just knew I wanted to get my darn stuff made while I had free time and Madison was in school. Well, after I picked Madison up we headed to the gym and felt a little better. Hopefully I will be able to work on my projects soon.

 I am also so behind with blogging and I have over 400 pictures to upload from the past 2 months. I will get caught up hopefully this weekend. Hopefully.........

 I hope everyone has a wonderful memorial day weekend!


Anonymous said...

We have great hopes the God will Bless you again. In our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Mommy and Pop

Michelle and Heath said...

Aww Kelly..I had no idea...praying for you lots girly....2013 is your year for a baby! I feel it!

Liesel said...

I had a minor meltdown yesterday and I'm not nearly under the stress you are. So don't feel bad about crying. It's our bodies way to de-stress! See you soon!