Thursday, June 7, 2012

Englewood Metro Park

Englewood Metro Park is a great park. JR plays disk golf there with his buddy John and the trails are great for hiking because they are shady. There are three waterfalls you can hike to. We just went to one, so next time we will have to check out the other two!!

I LOVE these shoes, especially for kids. They are called Keens and are so good for kids during the summer, plus they are great for water too. Madison loves her flip flops, but I never wanted to send her to school in them because they play on the playground and they just aren't safe for that. I found hers on Amazon for $34.00. So check there for the best price!

 I love my Keens too! They aren't the cutest shoes I own, but they are great for hiking! So I will take comfort over cuteness!!


Josh, Dana, Zach & Molly said...

Keens are the best kids shoes EVER! Zach has had a pair every year and Molly is on her second one this season (dang growth spurt)!

Liesel said...

Thanks for the info about the waterfalls, we'll have to do a hike this summer!