Sunday, June 24, 2012

Florida Vacation Day 3 ~ Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

 My Dad and Maria's very good friends Carlos and Maggie....

 It's a Small World is the only ride I remember going on as a child. Madison LOVED it! We actually went on it twice because of a rain storm.

We were able to get a fast pass to meet Mickey, Minnie, and 3 Princesses. This is the way to do it because the lines are soooo long! We tried to see a few characters in the park, but as soon as we got in line the people in charge said sorry.... times up... they will be back at so and so time. This happened at least 5 times!! So we were happy to get to see these guys! 

 Minnie, Madison, and Mickey!

 Madison and Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Madison and Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

 Madison and Cinderella

Disney Parade

 Disney's Electric Parade

Fireworks and the castle at night- This was so neat! They did special effects with the castle and was really  pretty in person. 


 It was a LONG day and someone was VERY tired!! 

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