Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kelly's Crafting Adventures!

This year I have decided to take advantage of the hobby shop on base. I have had a lots of fun so far!

It started with my pen making class. Then I took a stained glass class. After that I took a cutting board class, and the last class I took was a bowl making class with my friend Sherri. I have learned so much! 

In the future I have a few more pens I'd like to make and I also want to make Madison a box. I just have to find the TIME!

The pen making class was fun. It was just one day and I really wanted to buy a lathe machine after! ha! You can make pens and bowls with it, but the cheapest I have found was a few hundred for a good one. The class was much different then I thought (since it was my first class there- I had no idea what to expect!). I thought we were just going to be learning about making pens and then put one together. I had no idea I would be cutting wood and working on the machines! It was fun though and I love my pen!

The next class I took was a stained glass class. Again, not what I expected at all!! I should of googled stained glass class! lol! For some reason I thought this was a painting class. I was thinking you picked your clear glass design and just painted it. Not the case :O) We cut and ground the glass. I'd like to make Madison a Hello Kitty one next. Also, now I know why stained glass at craft fairs are so expensive!! There is a lot of work involved!!

Here are some pictures from the process and my finished project. 

The cutting board class was great! I really enjoyed this one. We made a cutting board called a wood grain cutting board. I will never look at cutting boards the same. This was a fun project and also very time consuming! Now I know why homemade cutting boards are so much money!! I wish I took pictures of the process! You can google how to make wood grain cutting boards. If I had a wood shop in my garage this would be a fun hobby!

The pictures do not even show how pretty it is in real life. It is also VERY heavy! 

The bowl making class was fun too!!! Thank you Sherri for taking it with me :O) We make good bowls! :)

I still have to polyurethane it. I am using it for a base for our Eco system. 

If you are at Wright Patterson AFB or will be in the future...... check out the hobby shop! They are moving to a new building over by the commissary this summer! Click HERE for more info! Will is the wood shop teacher and he is great and very helpful! You can stop in and see him during do it yourself hours too!