Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Pictures From May and June

I am uploading pictures from the past month and a half! This post is for all the random pictures that I have. I am determined to catch up the blog before summer vacations start!! 

So here are a mixture of pictures from our adventures over the last two months!

Madi and Addi! :O)
For a month or so I was helping out a friend and watching her little girl for a couple days a week while she was able to find a full time daycare. Madison LOVED feeding Addiynn! So cute! I miss this age so much!

Cox Arboretum MetroPark! Need to go back soon to see the butterflies!!!

The YMCA had a fun Easter Event!

 Madison's Chocolate Bunny!


Our Neighbor John and Madison

JR's home work! lol! Yikes! That looks like another language to me!! I thought my camera broke so he was messing with it and snapped this to see if it was working. This is why I am so behind on blogging!!! lol! I am glad JR has some time off to relax (and I can sneak on the computer!!) :O)

Silly Girl!

Sleepy Girl!! This was my shirt when I was in Kindergarten! Class of 2000!! Whoot hoo!!!

This might of deserved its own post? I saw this when I walked into Madison's bathroom. (She said she was trying to cover her poop?!) What???? I took a video, but its not appropriate for the blog- she isn't wearing pants ;) 

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