Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Vacation Road Trip- Maine

Next stop Maine! 

JR and I both have family in Maine that we went to visit. We rented a cabin on Sebec Lake with JR's sister Nikkie and her family. We had beautiful weather the whole vacation! 

We took a ferry from Long Island to Connecticut.

Hello Maine!

We took a little break and stopped at LL Bean. 

I was taking pictures of Madison and a lady insisted on taking a family photo, lol. We must of really looked like tourists :O) She actually happened to be from Ohio!

Our home sweet home away from home for our vacation. It was a really cute cabin and perfect for both our families. 

 The kids loft room

 Nikkie and Dan's Room

 Our Room

Nikkie and I were grocery shopping and the boys did a coin toss or a bet and JR won the basement. It was so hot and the basement was so much cooler!

 Our Beautiful View

Nikkie caught a baby snapping turtle! Thank you Matthew for modeling him for me;)


My mom and Madison

 Madison and Grammie-
Madison spent her first over night visit with her Grammie and Grandpa Pete. I think we both did well. This is one of the bad things about not living near family. It would be nice to do over night dates more often. 


Madison and Poppy

My Grandpa Poppy- He will be 90 in Sept!

We were finally able to meet Phoenix! This is the dog my BIL rescued from Afghanistan. Dan's mom Becky organized a meet and greet for all the friends and family that were in town. 

 Dan's Mom (Nikkies Mom in Law) and my SIL Nikkie

 Maria and Madison

 Maria found a frog!

 Our friend Bill stopped by to say hello and hang out for the afternoon. Thanks Bill! It was nice to visit with you!!!

 Becky and Jeff's doggie Boomer

Maria found a snapping turtle too!

 Madison and Conner

Fishing Fun!

 Madison fishing with Uncle Dan!

Maria caught one too!

Flag Football Time!


Our view of Sebec Lake

 Nikkie and Dan

 Brittney and Matthew
(My BIL and his girlfriend)

Melissa and Luca
(BIL Dan's sister and her boyfriend)

Becky and Jeff
(BIL Dan's mom and stepdad)

Madison and Great  Grams 

 Madison and GiGi

 Rocky and Jackson

Scuba Time!

Fireworks- Thanks Luca!! :O)

 Madison fishing with Grandpa Pete

 Madison and Uncle Matt

 Dan and JR being crazy and having fun!

 Good job Dan!

This puzzle took FOREVER!! I stayed up until 2:30 am one night trying to finish it, lol!!

**********Videos- to come soon!!! Stay tuned...***********

Thanks family and friends! We had a wonderful time!! We love and miss you all!! xoxo

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