Thursday, November 8, 2012

Uncle Matthew Visits!

Last month we had a special visitor. JR's brother Matthew came to Ohio to hang out with us for a couple week. Unfortunately, I got very sick the day after he got here and was on the couch practically the whole time. But, I think he had a fun time. I was glad he was here to entertain JR while I was couch bound.

 We went geocaching. It was so much fun! Have you ever done this? I just learned about it a few years ago. Its like treasure hunting. Read more about geocaching HERE.

 JR and Matthew did some more geocaching another day.
 The boys went to gear fest. They saw some slackliners, but I am not sure where the video and pictures from that went.

 They went to a Bengals game.

 We went to the Air Force Museum.

 JR and Matthew went to a haunted house/ theme park type place.

We went to Youngs Dairy to get Pumpkins!!

 I think I was at my womens bible study when the pumkin carving was happening.

Thanks for visiting us Matthew!! Hope you had fun and hopefully next time you visit I will not be sick!! :O)

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