Sunday, March 24, 2013

We are moving!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts on here. We have been busy busy busy! We are headed to New Mexico at the end of the week. So between packing, making a last minute trip to Maine, and getting our current home ready for our renters I have had zero time to blog. I have a camera full of pictures and will be updating the blog after we move. We will be in temporary housing until the end of May. So once we get settled and our computer back up and running....I looking forward to sharing our adventures that we have been up to. Including the past few months and our new adventures in our new home. It's hard to blog on my iPad, but I'm sure I can do a few mini posts like this in the mean time. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring! It is snowing here in Ohio and we are under a winter storm warning, lol. Our stuff is all packed and the moving truck heads to our new home tommorrow! This week we will be painting, cleaning, and doing any house repairs before we leave. Please pray for safe travels as we make our way to our New Mexico. We have been so blessed here in Ohio for the past 6 years. We have met the most amazing friends and will miss them all dearly. Ohio is the furthest west we have ever live, so we are looking forward to exploring all that the south west has to offer. I know we will love it there and hope to enjoy it just as much as Ohio. Talk to you soon friends and family!

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