Monday, July 8, 2013

Michael Todd ~ True Organics Part 1

Hello! We are still here and alive:) Still getting settled and all that fun unpacking stuff. We do have our desktop computer up and running, so it will be easier to post pictures and blog. It's been harder to do that from my iPad for the past few months as we were in transit. I just have to make time to upload and sort though random pictures from the last few months that are on my camera.

I don't have a new house updates post today, but we are gong to talk about some new products I recently discovered. I'm hoping to talk and share more stuff like this regularly. I am always sharing things on instagram that I love. It doesn't seem to make it to the blog. I have found some great products and things over this past year! Today I am going to talk about some new skin care products I have discovered. 

I don't know if it was moving stress, change of climate or crazy hormones..... But, as of lately my skin has decided to be more like 13 instead of 31. I am breaking out like a teenager and want it to stop ASAP. I was back to using my Neutrogena acne products that seemed to work as a teenager:( Not so much for me now. At least not as quickly as I hoped.

I love looking at blogs and enjoy when they do a montly favorite products post of favorites or recommendations. It's even fun to watch you tube videos of my favorite bloggers and hear all about their favorite products and/ or must haves. Before I buy anything I usually google reviews- from make up to electronics to towels. I love to research before I buy:) 

I forgot exactly where I first heard of Micheal Todd's line. But, it caught my attention and after some googling and a few more reviews I decided I needed this Micheal guy in my life. I am expecting miracles:) I even took a before picture and I will be brave and post in a few weeks once things start to clear up. I love a good before and after picture! I am hoping to see results very soon. I love that this line is organic and it seems to work well for everyone who has tried it. So a few days ago I bought a few products from the line and it arrived today. So today is day one of starting this regimen.

I bought the Micheal Todd- Charcoal Detox Deep Pour Gel Cleanser, the Blue Gree Algea Antibacterial Toner, and the trio pack of Spf 18 Tinted Beeswax Lip Protector.  (the last one was just for fun) or maybe it was to try and draw attention away from my blemishes;) We can pretend it was the last reason:) 

So heres my review for the first time using it.........JR and I actually both used the cleaner and toner this evening. We both liked it. He said it smelled funny:) I thought the smell was fine:) It had a very clean organic smell- it might be a little strong for some people. 

The lip colors are so pretty. I can't wait to start wearing them! 

Stay tuned for part 2- How well it worked for me:) I'm sure I will be posting some more random things in between:) Madison started ballet and her last class is this Saturday for the summer session she took. I'm a little behind:) I am going to try and be posting more regularly again! We hope everyone is having a great summer! 

I love the packaging on these products too! The color is a very pretty purple- you can't really tell from the pictures.

                  The colors are all very pretty! 

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