Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nesting Tables

Something else I have been wanting for a very long time were a set of nesting tables. I fell in love with these from Pottery Barn. However, I did not fall in love with the price. Honestly, when I saw them in person I would of only have paid about half that price anyway. 

Pottery Barn Granger Nesting Tables- $399.00

I did some googling and found these. I believe you can still find them on amazon too. The price was better and they look like a great knock off to the Pottery Barn ones above.

Madison Nesting Tables- $158.05

But, Madison and I were out and about one day. We had to pick up some crafting supplies at Hobby Lobby (LOVE that place) :) I have to admit- Target was the first thing I googled when I knew we were moving, Hobby Lobby was the second:) Ikea was the third. We have two out of the three, so I am happy:) We did make one last trip to Ikea before we moved:) I really wish they sold everything online. Little things...... Like the kids cups, plates, bowls, and utensils are awesome! Not avalible online. Oh well:( 

Anyways back to Hobby Lobby. Madison and I stubbled apon these nesting tables by accident and it was love at first sight. Plus, they were on sale!! Yay! We didn't have our computer printer set up yet and I alway have a coupon, but we didn't obviously have one that day. But, it was good because they were on sale and you can use coupons on sale items anyway. I just got a smart phone with internet this week:) So I will aways have a coupon on me now:) (You can download the hobby lobby app and they can scan your phone for the coupon- for those that don't know;) 

Here are our nesting tables for a fraction on the price of the Pottery Barn ones. They are real wood and metal. Exactly what I wanted. I even like them better than the Pottery Barn nesting tables. 

I am torn if I want to refinish them. When I first purchased them, I planned to sand the tops, stain, and seal them for a more natural look. I think I shall live with them a little more and then decided:) I have a few more important projects to tackle first anyway..... Like unpacking my clothes:) JR will be happy once that's done:) Ugh, unpacking..... It's no fun:( 

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