Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blogger Fail

Hello, Remember me? Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a huge blogger slacker. Yeah, its been awhile, lol.

Lets get caught up shall we? I have been taking pictures to share and have a camera full of them to prove it. I just uploaded my camera to our desktop computer. I sure have a ton of work ahead of me:) My goal is to post it all by the end of the year. Yup. 4 days.........10 months worth of pictures.... haha!

I have always worked best under pressure. Since this blog is kinda like my diary....... my journal....... my brain........ I need to keep it all in 2013 at least.

So what have we been up to? How are we doing?

Madison- She is doing great. She is loving Kindergarten, and loves being five years old. That is a whole hand! Holy moly!! She has also started taking Ballet this past summer and loves it.

JR- Seems to like his new job. He is enjoying his new man cave and playing video games as I type.

Me- I am doing just fine. Not much new to share. Just trying to get everything in our new home in place and trying to keep my head above water. I have met some wonderful friends here in our new city. I've also been plugged into a wonderful woman's bible study, a moms group/ bible study, I've been helping out in Madison's class room, and I have taken up tap dance lessons. Oh boy.... it is so much more harder than I imagined. But it is so much fun. Couldn't pass up the 50% off adult class with the purchase of Madison's Ballet class.

So yes....... after this............. Goodbye Ohio!

Hello New Mexico!
For the first month and a half we stayed in temporary housing and with a good friend JR worked with in Ohio that moved to New Mexico a year or so before us.
Then we moved into our house........ painting, unpacking........
Ginger Died:(
Then more unpacking, more painting. and I just unpacked the final last box yesterday. Ugh, I think unpacking is the worst.
We have had a few visitors already........During the summer JRs brother Matthew visited, my Dad and Stepmom, and also JRs sister Sarah and our nieces and nephew were amongst our first house guests.

Our very good friend John/ neighbor in Ohio Died :(

Poppy died :(
There's also a few other adventures along the way.
I Just didn't feel like blogging. I got an iphone and it is so much easier to upload pictures to facebook and call it good. I enjoy blogging and I eventually want to turn each year into a photo book. So I will get us caught up. I planned on blogging while Madison was in school, but surprisingly I don't have as much free time then as I thought. It is time consuming. Especially when you are months behind. Let's not get behind again, okay, lol.
I do have lots of pictures to share...... so lets get to it!

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