Friday, February 7, 2014

Random Pictures

Where the heck did January go?! Well, I think I am all caught up on the blog for the past year and hopefully I can keep it on track for the rest of this year!

These are just some random pictures that I found between my phone and iphone:) Ahhhhh! It feels so good to be caught up. I just got more and more behind, and didn't feel like dealing with it.

Well, Happy February!!! This is my favorite month! Its my month!! My Birthday Month!!! Yes, I celebrate all month long!! :O) xoxox

I thought these were pretty. If I ever have an old log sitting around..... I shall try this.


At a friends Birthday Party. First Rebel Donut.

Our first Roadrunner sighting!

 JRs work BBQ function

 JR and Madison made a volcano.

 Meeting Daddy for a lunch Picnic....

My little Meer Kat. (Madison's school mascot)

My handsome hunky Husband :)

A friend caught this little guy.

Tumbleweed!!!!!! We have 2 tumbleweed pets in the backyard :)

 My little ballerina :)

This horn worm killed my tomato plant.

What!? Saw this guy at Costco eating sauerkraut pizza. Maybe I will try this one day?? I love sauerkraut and I love pizza, lol. I will let you know if I do give it a try! ;)

Ladies craft night!


Went to an indoor hotel waterpark. Yay Groupon!! It wasn't as nice as Great Wolf Lodge though.

I saw a bird in the hole and had to take a picture:)


State Fair Pig Race

 Madison's pig WON!!! She won a pooping piggy keychain.

Madison says the funniest things. For some reason this one I don't think ever made it to my instagram.

Rebel Donuts. Madison's was Rose flavored and not very good. She didn't like it either.
The blue rock candy one is "Breaking Bad Meth" donut :) That was pretty good.

 Ferris Wheel!!

Some local event we went to . Thought this car was pretty neat.


Madison's first time rock climbing.

True! :)

Madison's wall sticker.....from Target.

I love this bird feeder and water bath- From Lowes....

Yay for end of the year clearance for patio sets. We need to use these more:( Hopefully its warm again soon).


Got this from a local pottery shop.

 This was so good! Had it at my moms group. Need to get some asap!!

I love this! It is on the wall where we meet for my woman's bible study.

JR brought home a tarantula. Lucky us:) He gave it to Madison in a bag. She freaked when she opened it!!

JR built a waterfall.....


Door Wreath. I was suppose to make my Valentines Day one. I should get on that!

Went  to see Disney Live with friends....


Santa's Reindeer:) Naughty and Naughter, lol.


JR loves this guy. I think I will send him this. Thanks Ryan!! :)

Painting girls night! So fun!!!!

 Awesome Christmas service at church! It was beautiful!

I heart Target Clearance deals. I might of went back for more. I don't need dish soap for 2 years and all set on hand soap for awhile, lol!!

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