Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sugar Paper 2015- Target

Growing up, the most exciting part about the new school year was getting to buying my new school supplies. Now that I am all grown up... I'm still the exact same way, only at the end of each year! I love picking out my new calendar and planner inserts at the end of the current year for the new year. I am a planner nerd and love all office supplies :)
 My local Target display- (I took this at the beginning of November, so I am not sure what the selection is now)
For the past couple of years I have had the Sugar Paper calendar hanging in our kitchen. Last year I went with a simple kraft paper design.

These are the products my daughter and I purchased for 2015.
You can view the whole Sugar Paper line HERE. They aren't available to purchase online.


Last night Madison and I filled in her 1st grade school schedule and days off. We are going to add Birthdays and special days today. She was super excited to buy this Sugar Paper Planner at Target with her own money. She saves up her allowance and money from family she gets for special occasions. Her favorite place to shop is Target or Hobby Lobby.
These are only available to purchase until the end of January 2015. So hurry up and head to Target before they are all gone!! The 2015  line was launched on October 28th. So be sure and make a note in your 2015 calendar at the end of October to grab your 2016 one ;)

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