Saturday, December 20, 2014

Summer Fun

We were gone ALL summer!!!! This is the main reason I am so behind on our blog!!! Eeeeek!! I didn't have our computer and I like to keep things in order, so I had to wait until we were home. Then we have just been busy busy busy. Now its crunch time before the end of the year!! :)
So, JR had to take an 8 week class in Alabama. So Madison and I went with him and stayed in AL for a week.
We had a wonderful time with friends from Ohio, who happened to be visiting with family an hour from where we were.... so we got together for the weekend. Madison was super surprised because her BBF Ella was there and we didn't tell her where or who we were meeting :)
Lake Martin- Fun with Friends



Then Madison and I stayed with my sister in law and brother in law and family near Eglin AFB. Madison had fun cousin time and I watched my niece and nephew during the day for my SIL and BIL.
JR visited us on the weekends since he was only 2 hrs away.

Then to wrap up our trip, we headed to Fort Myers to visit with my Dad, Stepmom, Aunt, and Cousin. Wonderful end to our very long summer vacation.



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