Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Goals

 Last year was an amazing year. I am so grateful and thankful for 2014. We had lots of fun, tons of laughs, great memories, and super fun adventures. I also learned a lot from a few ups and a few downs. I am excited to start this year with a blank slate full of endless possibilities.
Instead of making new year’s resolutions, I am setting some goals for myself. I have a few things I'd like to achieve.
These are my goals for 2015:
Bible Study
I struggle with trusting in God 100% and fail Him often. I am so thankful he loves me even though he knows I will fail. He loves me so much that he died on the cross for me and saved me from my sins. I am far from perfect, but I want to be worthy of his love and grow closer to Him. I’m still growing with God everyday and I know His ways are perfect. They aren’t always my way, but I know his way is usually way better than mine would have ever been.  I crave a stronger relationship with my heavenly father and I want to make that happen this year. My goal is to make time each day to dig into His word. I'd like to have quiet time with God, also I want to have a special time with Madison to teach her more about God, and a special family quiet time. I will share more about this in the near future, I have some wonderful book recommendations I want to share with you.
Along with reading the bible, I am also doing a bible study book with my moms group. This is the one we start next week- Esther: Its Tough Being a Woman. I am looking forward to it!


Read More Books
Besides digging into my bible more........I’d like to read at least 12 new books this year. I always seem to start books, and never finish them. I have no clue why. I forget about it or get distracted by something else.

I am currently reading Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Its a really good book. I started it last spring and I am over half way through. I read all of it in like a 2 week period. But, I can't seem to pick it up again. I brought it on our all of our vacations this past year and it just gets no attention. Maybe I don't want to let it end. Maybe I'm afraid to finish it and let it go, lol. I have no clue what my problem is with committing to books and actually finish them. Maybe its an underling commitment issue? The movie is out now and I can't wait to watch it. I will finish the book before I watch the movie.
Don't Worry or Get Stressed
This is a hard one for me. I am a control freak and I don't like that I have no control over certain situations. My only answer to this is to just give all my worries, stress, and anxieties to God. I have a hard time with this too, because I don't like to share. I have to work on this A LOT more. Less worrying- more praying.

Proverbs 16:3  “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

Read more verses on stress HERE.

I don't like clutter. I don't like the way it makes me feel and I don't like it in my life. I need to work on decluttering my life in all aspects including stuff and trying to juggle to many things at one time. I need to focus more and not let myself get overwhelmed. This will help with the stress, worry, and anxiety too.

I am pretty sure I am lactose intolerant. I will spare you the details, but I guarantee that I have been for a few years now. I have switched to almond milk for about a year now, and that has helped. I have never been a huge milk drinker, so that really hasn't bothered me. I should remove dairy 100%. I just love cheese!! I seem to tolerate cheese well, but I think I just feel better when I don't eat it. Lastly, I want to remove sweets from my diet. As much as I love dessert and ice cream. They don't love me, especially ice cream because of the dairy. I feel a huge difference in my body when I don't eat dairy. The sweets will defiantly be the hardest part!

Drink more water
Why is this so hard? I'm not a soda person. But I often forget to drink anything. I do love water with lemon slices. I just have to drink more H2O. I want to form a habit of downing a big glass of water as soon as I wake up.

Workout Regularly
Be healthier. I always start workout programs and I can't finish them. Hmmm very similar to the book problem, haha. I either get bored, get sick, hurt my back or knee, or go on vacation and get off schedule. Just gotta commit and stick to it.
Those are just a few of my personal goals I hope to achieve.

This year I will be the best me I can be. I am excited about my goals above. But, the two most important things I will work on this year is being the best mom and best wife I can be. I have a feeling if I work on the above- I will meet each and every one of my goals.

What are some of your goals for the New Year?



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