Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dining Room and Video Tour..... oh and p.s We are moving!

I have been wanting to share interior/ finished decorating pictures of our house. During the A Bowl Full of Lemons Challenge seemed like a good time to do it! There is no week for dining room, so I decided to pop this in now. 
I had this crazy idea that when the whole house was clean and organized I would take pictures. Well, that never happens, lol. One day the kitchen is clean and spotless, and then the next day I plan to get the upstairs picked up, baths cleaned, floors cleaned, ect. In the mean while, the kitchen is used and cooked in, so the whole entire house never really stay "picture perfect" for long, ha! Its just easier to focus on one room at a time.  
Here is our dining room.

Our table and chairs were a craigslist find. We wanted a real wood table. The furniture stores didn't have exactly what we wanted. I did find a West Elm table I loved, but I had a real hard time buying something that expensive without seeing it first.
Our table is a very similar style and is from World Market. Unfortunately, our style isn't sold in stores anymore. This style is new and I didn't see it when we looked, its a very similar style to the West Elm one I liked. They have some others on their website. We actually almost bought this one.
We paid $125 for the table and bench. So worth it and I'm glad I kept looking and didn't rush into buying something else!!
The chairs were another craigslist steal. The lady we bought them from said they were hardly used in her formal dining room and her maid only dusted them twice a week :) SOLD! They are Pottery Barn Grayson Chairs. We bought all 4 for $400. $100 a chair isn't unreasonable for nice quality dining chairs.  If you were to buy them brand new from Pottery Barn...... 1 Grayson Chair when not on sale costs $399 per chair!!

We found this hutch on craigslist too. I had plans on sanding it down and refinishing it. I am not sure what I want to do with it yet. You can't really tell from the pictures, but there are some scratches and dings here and there. I will probably tackle this project later this year or in 2016.

You might recognize these floral pictures from our old home. I couldn't decide if I wanted to put a long rectangle mirror above the hutch or these. The pictures obviously won.
I got JR this popcorn machine for fathers day a couple years ago. We love it! We use coconut oil to cook the kernels and it smells delicious. It was suppose to be in his man cave, but some how it wound up here. You can buy it on Amazon HERE.
Yup, that is a crazy amount of drinks and our alcohol supply is not usually that well stocked, lol. We had a New Years Party and our friends brought all that on the left of the mirrored tray.  
My lemon tree! I HEART this tree. I has grown me 5-6 lemons and they are the best lemons I've ever had! I slice them and put them in my water. I bought it at Home Depot.

I traced, cut, and hung up these little decals. I love the look and privacy it provides, but it took FOREVER!!!

I love this light fixture. I think it really makes the room come together. Its the Hoyne Pendant Light from Crate and Barrel. You can find it HERE. This was the splurge item of this room.

Below is a little video tour of the kitchen and dining area. I wanted to make a video because we are actually moving!
Enter sad tear here;( We have amazing friends here in Albuquerque that we will miss and the weather is perfect. But, its good news too. JR got a new job opportunity and we will be moving back to Ohio. We just found out right before Christmas. We have amazing friends that we will be moving back to. Madison was born in Ohio and we lived there for 6 years, so we are familiar with the area.
I wish I could just pick this house up and move it. Since that will not happen, I want to at least get some house pictures and possibly do more videos. I am pretty sure this is my dream home. If it had a basement it would be perfect. Never in a million years did I think I was going to be able to design and pick out colors, tiles, and design the interior of a brand new home. When JR visited a couple years ago to go house hunting....... this house happened to be in process, and the original owners fell through. So he scooped it up. I love the open layout and it was such a blessing to be able to live here, even for a short time.
So, this spring our home will be for sale. We were planning on living in New Mexico for at least 4 years. If we knew we would only be here for 2 years, we would of not bought a home and would have just lived on base or rented a house. But, I guess you live and learn. We will be in Ohio for at least 7 years. JRs first assignment will be 3 years, followed by a 4 year assignment.
I love doing home renovations, so you may have lots of those to look forward to in the future years when I share our new home.
But for now, before I start packing..... I thought I'd share our current home.

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