Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jamm Pakd Cards

Today I received a special package in the mail from Jamm Pakd Cards. I met Justin, the owner of Jamm Pakd Cards on InstagramI posted a card picture from solitaire and he liked it. I checked out his page and liked what I saw. He agreed to letting me do a blog review. Yay! I love sharing products I discover and love. 

Justin kindly sent me two packs to review. His Coat of Arms set and Bronze Age set. They are both great designs and are really nice looking cards. They feel great too! My husband also agreed after he tried them out and shuffled a few times. 

We love card games and my husband enjoys poker. They are going to be a fun addition to his man cave game room. We look forward to many hours of entertainment while playing with the sets. 

Jamm Pakd Cards sells 100% original art custom playing cards, card protectors, custom poker chips, card cases, and more! If you are looking for a fun gift idea for a card player check out Jamm Pakd Cards!

Visit Justin's website and you can purchase his products here- Jamm Pakd Cards 

Justin has a Black Widow card set coming soon to Kickstarter. You can support him starting on August 22nd. 

Jamm Pakd Cards also has a Facebook page, you can like it HERE

Jamm Pakd Cards Instagram- HERE

Thank you, Justin for giving me the opportunity to review your awesome cards! I'm sure your Black Widow card set will be a success- they look great!


Anonymous said...

Ooh very nice. Are they plastic? No easily to rip?

MrsKBJ said...

They are very nice quality. I don't think they will rip easily. Hope that helps! 😃