Thursday, December 31, 2015

Carnival Magic Cruise- March 2015

We went on our second cruise this past March. With all the craziness going on last March (we were packing to move right after the cruise, selling our house, was in temporary lodging for 3 months/ didnt have wifi internet and just crazy busy) I never got a chance to upload my pictures. I wound up packing my camera and I did not want to blog our other adventures because I wanted everything to be in order. Well, looking back that was a bad idea, lol. Fast forward to July we moved. Painting and unpacking had to come first. Then I was just a huge procrastinator. Life happened and I blogging wasn't   on my todo list.

Here I am today.......On December 31st at 8:56 pm trying to catch up. Our blog is my diary and I like to document so I can look back at things and remember. This year in Madison's 2nd grade class she had to pick special events from every year since she was born. Thank you blog!! Huge help!!!

So yes, here I am trying to fit everything in form the past year I have not shared. I started blog post drafts and I am hoping they will publish in order. But, at this point I am going to be happy if I just get everything in before 2016. But, blogging takes time. Lots of time. So my posts may not be very descriptive as I would like, but at least the pictures will hopefully tell the story themselves.

Back to our cruise. We went with our friends again. We had an absolute blast. The week went by way to quickly. I highly recommend Carnival Magic!! Adults all had fun and so did the kids.These ports were so much better than our last cruise too!!!

We went to Cozumel, Mexico, Belize, and Costa Maya. It was a fun week and we had so much fun!

First Stop!!! Cozumel, Mexico! Mr Sancho's was great!!!! If we ever go back to Cozumel we would go back again!! It was perfect for kids too!

Islander Fish Spa at Mr Sanchos. 

Next stop was Belize! We went on a cave tour.

Our last port was cancelled due to bad weather, but we had a another one instead. It was pretty fun. we just had a relaxing beach day in Costa Maya. I cant even remember where we were suppose to go.

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